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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheese platter Shiluvari

Hi there,

Limpopo Province is fantastic. We visited Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge for a long weekend, and on our first day we ordered the Shiluvari cheese platter. Coming from Holland, and used to visit France (cheese heaven) a lot for holiday while I lived overseas, this was a challenging pick!

Shiluvari has an amazing view of the Albasini Dam and Luonde Mountains, situated close to a little town called Elim. It houses craft and art shops and it has a small fruit and super market, 23 kilometer East of Louis Trichardt. Besides hiking, visiting the spa and shopping for art in the small shops around Elim, there is nothing much to do around here besides doing nothing at all, which we did..

Their cheese platter increased our dining expectations and most importantly: our dining pleasure. Where normally one would eat cheese at the end of a meal, instead, or before dessert, a cheese platter for lunch accompanied with a green salad or fruit is a treat.
Traditionally, a cheese platter should include a variety of cheeses, progressing from the very mild to the more pronounced.
We are easy customers as we love mild, medium and strong cheeses. But tastes vary, and they served cheeses that were not too mild, and not too strong. The cheeses were taken out of the fridge an hour before serving (a must to allow the flavour to develop) served with tasteful dips, accompanied with the best of South Africa's ham, roast beef and avo salad. An enjoyable array of colour, texture and taste.

Michel and Clare run Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge on a daily basis. Needless to say their customer service is excellent. They promote the local artists and crafters by informing their guests about the art route in and around Elim. Also in the rooms, the d├ęcor is handmade by local artists.

Thanks to Michel, Clare, their friendly staff and their beautiful land (called the land of the legend) we had a great time. Thank you very much.

Warm Regards,

Abigail Summer

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