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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spicy Fish Curry - Prue Leith

Fish Recipes | Spicy Fish Curry

I am excited about tomorrow’s mission. I am going to make Spicy Fish Curry from Leiths Cookery Bible - [Leith, P., and Waldegrave, C., (2003), Leiths Cookery Bible, 3rd edition, Bloomburys, UK].

I have met Prue Leith at her book presentation in Johannesburg in September 2009, when her fourth novel Choral Society just came out. She lived and studied in Cape Town for many years before she went on to create a Michelin star quality food empire in London. In 1995, she decides to sell this empire and focus on writing novels and other businesses. I found her an interesting and friendly woman. She even signed my book. Hooray!

I quickly read the content of the recipe. ‘Any firm white fish will do for this curry,’ she says. ‘Be very careful not to overcook the fish or it will begin to fall apart and look unattractive. This is a fairly mild curry but can be made hotter by using an extra green chilli pepper.’ I create a shopping list, based on the ingredients needed for tomorrow. Satisfied, like I have achieved something already, I attach it to the fridge. The dish goes well with spicy dry white wine. Fantastic!

Stay tuned for my first adventure in my small kitchen, preparing this Spicy Fish Curry tomorrow.

Warm regards,

Abigail Summer

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