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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review Vasili's - Morningside - Johannesburg

It's me again... at your service, keeping you from making unnecessary mistakes in restaurant choice.. What we got ourselves into last week..

I love Adega Restaurants and I convinced Peter to go and have their special : 1 kg 'Adega style' King Prawns for only R119,-. Such a great offer and the quality is very good. Also I enjoy the service at Adega Restaurants. They have most friendly waiters and you can go to Adega without having made a reservation. Also I love it that you do not really have to dress up for that specific evening. If you haven't been, please do and order the special. 

We entered 'Adega' at Morningside and immediately noticed some changes in the lay out and design.

First impression at the entrance:
  • A new and more spacious entrance
  • Light blue security fence
  • Adega brand visible from the outside
  • Very cold inside
  • Nicely laid tables with light blue tablecloths
  • Still looked like Adega (wall decorations)
 We were seated and received the menu. A different one! Appears to be though we actually entered another restaurant, called Vasili's. We felt betrayed because nobody had introduced us to the new setting at the entrance. Outside the sign 'Adega' still lighted up and near the entrance hung a sign. I purposely went back the next day to make these pictures. Although it says on the sign (left) 'watch this space' it never occurred to me that Adega would be gone. We at first did not know what to do because a prawn special was not in the menu. And if I set my mind on prawns, I want them!

It pissed me off that the restaurant owner did not tell the guests about the new identity. Some other guests in the restaurant looked just as surprised as we did when receiving the menu. This was wrong. We decided to stay anyway and we ordered wine from the wine list. The wine list offered lots of choice in wine. It tasted good and was at the right temperature.

Later, I ordered Prawn Curry and Peter chose steak, medium rare. My prawn curry was tasteless. The prawns were overcooked and it definitely missed flavor. It came with white rice and a mixture of tomatoes and cucumber.
Peter's steak was okay but not medium rare. The fries were too crunchy. They were even slightly burned!

The worst part of the experience was the service. In fact our waiter was friendly and I must admit, he was trained on the basics. He came back to our table frequently to ask if we were doing alright and he was visible all the time. But his colleagues were fucking annoying. We were seated at a table in the middle of the restaurant. Therefor the waiters passing our table were constantly bumping up to the back of our chairs or the corners of the table. Some apologized, some did not even bother.

How rude to seat us in a place where we can not enjoy a peaceful diner, in a place that has changed overnight without telling any guests, and being much more expensive than Adega. I can only say, you guys have a lot to learn about service, ambiance and food. We skipped dessert because we really wanted to rush out of the place and never come back.

Overall experience?

Value for money?
No value for money. The food was tasteless, the service was bad and our table was placed in a busy area with no space for the waiters to walk around it. It really was not good.

Food         1/5
Service     1/5
Ambiance 1/5

Overall review

Warm Regards,

Abigail Summer

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