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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Salmon Grenobloise - Jacques Pépin

This beautiful recipe is from one of Jacques Pépin's 18 cookbooks named Jacques Pépin's Kitchen. He is one of America's best-known chefs, food columnists and cooking teachers.

He wrote a cookbook together with Julia Child. She was an American chef who introduced French cooking (famous also is the film Julie & Julia, which was adapted from Child's memoir My Life in France and from Julie Powell's memoir. It was a bestseller all over the country).

Jacques Pépin is down to earth if it comes to his success. He speaks about his cooperation with Julia Child as follows: "Cooking is a fun occupation and our book shows the conviviality of two pals cooking together. Not that we don't take our cooking seriously, but what the heck, it's not the end of the world in importance."

I tried his Salmon Grenobloise yesterday and I loved it! As I cooked for Peter and myself I divided all ingredients by two. For this lovely recipe (2p) you need:
-2 salmon fillet steaks with skin
-1 slice of bread
-salt and black pepper
-1 lemon & 1 teaspoon fresh chives
-1 tablespoon unsalted butter
-1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
-2 teaspoons canola oil
-1 tablespoon capers

And it is so easy to prepare! Honestly, even I can not fuck this up. You heat the oil in a nonstick skillet. You cut pieces of bread into cubes and cook them for about 2 minutes until they are nicely browned on all sides. Set aside.

You sprinkle the fish steaks on both sides with salt and pepper and place them skin down in the hot skillet. The one you used to saute the croutons. Cook the fish, uncovered for 3 minutes over medium high heat and covered for another 2 minutes. Place the steaks skin side up on a warm platter and sprinkle them with croutons, lemon flesh pieces, carpers and chives. This looks great already but we are not done yet...

Discard any fat that has accumulated in the skillet. Add the butter to the skillet, and cook it over medium heat until it is lightly browned. Add the vinegar, shake the pan to mix it in, then pour the mixture over the steaks on the platter. This must be served immediately.

And it tastes fantastic. 100% recommended!

Thanks Jacques for sharing this recipe with us on internet. You definitely master the technique of cooking.And by the way.. I love your French accent! :)

Warm Regards,

Abigail Summer

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